EFA Z 28

Hydraulic loin dropper

Beef Horses Camel

Cutter for various uses; Also for separating the head from cattle and pigs; For medium and large plants.

  • High efficiency
  • Easy an safe to handle by anti-tie down controls
  • No saw dust, no bone splintering
  • Fast and easy cut
  • All external parts made of non corrosive material
  • Different blade designs available for different applications
  • Hydraulic unit either electrical- or air operated

Technical Data

Pressure of closing
26,5 N
Closing time
3 sec
Weight of cutter
24 kg
Weight of pump
48 kg
Length of blades
20,1/24 inch

Scope of Supply

EFA Z 28

(Order-No. 008 009 825) 

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Further Accessories* Order Nr.
Hydraulic unit electrical powered 400 V (001 972 301)
Hydraulic unit air powered 6-8 bar (008 007 189)
Hose unit 5 m (008 005 181)
Spring balancer 20-30 kp (001 620 052)
* Not included in the basic scope of supply. (Order-Nos. in brackets)

Manual and Spare part list



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