EFA Z 13

Hydraulic guillotine style dehorner


Perfect to dehorn plane and smoth, without jutting horn remains; for medium and large sized plants.

  • High efficiency
  • Cuts horns closer to the skull than traditional cutters
  • Easy and safe to handle by anti-tie-down controls
  • All external parts made of non corrosive material

Technical Data

Cable length
5 m
Sound level
< 85 dB(A)
< 2,5 m/ s2
Pressure of closing
62,3 kN
Closing time
3 sec
Weight of cutter
31 kg
Blade opening
130 mm x 160 mm

Scope of Supply

EFA Z 13

(Order-No. 008 009 032) 

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Federzug - Spring balancer
Federzug - Spring balancer
Further Accessories* Order nr.
Aggregate 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz, 200 bar (001 972 463)
Hose unit 5m (008 005 181)
Spring balancer, Slength of cable 2m, (001 620 052)
Hydraulic oil, 20 l (001 365 614)
* Not included in the basic scope of supply. (Order-Nos. in brackets)


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