EFA SK 16/8 D

Single hand breaking saw, air operated

Pork Lamb Veal

Lightweight breaking saw for rib bones of cattle and pork as well as breaking calves and game. 

  • Light and Handy.
  • Easily removable second handle.
  • Increased motorpower.
  •  Adjustable depth of cut.
  • different saw blades available.

Technical Data

Motor output
790 Watt
Cable length
5 m
2,7 kg
Sound level
> 85 db (A)
> 2,5 m/s2
Operating pressure
7 bar
Air consumption
0,9 m3/min
Rotational speed
2000 U/min
Depth of cut
15-45 mm
Ø of sawblade
160 mm
Connecting thread
R 3/8"

Scope of Supply

EFA SK 16-8 D

(Order-No. 110 890 510)

Further Accessories* Order Nr.
Saw blade Ø160 (003 001 572)
Air filter regulator-lubricator R1/2" (001 367 045)
Spring balancer, lenth of cable 2m, rust resistant, carrying capacity1,5-3kg (001 620 070)
EFA Special oil, 5l (001 365 612)
* Not included in the basic scope of supply. (Order-Nos. in brackets)


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